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Call for Papers: Teaching Life Writing Texts in Europe


Life writing courses, which study life writing texts as primary texts instead of secondary source material, are less common at European universities than at North American universities, arguably with the exception of Great Britain. Also, other than in the United States, where Miriam Fuchs and Craig Howes published their excellent and insightful Teaching Life Writing Texts (2007), there is no European source book on the subject of teaching life writing. In order to bring together experiences in the field of teaching life writing at European universities, share experiences and offer advice, we welcome articles that focus on curricula, syllabi and experiences with teaching life writing to university students. What was the aim of your class, how did students react to the curriculum, and how did your class fit into the bachelors or masters programme of your faculty? What difficulties did you encounter establishing a life writing class, and how did your colleagues react to your course?

Please submit your article in English, with an abstract both in English and in your first language, and a short biographical note to Monica Soeting at Please include your institutional affiliation and email address. The deadline for the first round of abstracts is 15 June  2015.


Posted: 2015-03-20
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Vol 4 (2015)

Table of Contents

Creative Matters

‘Dozens who thought they knew her’: Finding Vivian Maier? PDF HTML
Clare Brant C1-C6

Beyond the Subject. Vienna Conference Papers

Beyond the Subject. New Developments in Life Writing PDF HTML
Tobias Heinrich, Monica Soeting VCi-VCiii
From Diaries to Blogs: Cultural and Political Networking in Russian Autobiographical Practice. PDF HTML
Tatiana Saburova, Natalia Rodigina VC1-VC16
I Problems; Blindness and Autobiography PDF HTML
Dennis Schep VC17-VC35
Eschewing the First Person: Post-Subjective Autobiography in Hubert Fichte and his Geschichte der Empfindlichkeit / History of Sensitivity PDF HTML
Robert Gillett VC37-VC55
Beyond the Subject: Anglo-American Slave Narratives in the Netherlands, 1789-2013 PDF HTML
Marijke Huisman VC56-VC84
Celebrity, Scriptedness and Alleged Sexual Violence in Ghost-Written Autobiographies by Julian Assange and Samantha Geimer PDF HTML
Edward Saunders VC85-VC107

Teaching Life Writing Texts in Europe

Teaching Life Writing Texts in Europe PDF HTML
Dennis Kersten, Anne-Marie Mreijen TLi-TLiii
Memory to Ink: Autobiography Project in Portugal PDF HTML
Marilyn S Zucker TL1-TL12