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Voices from the Greek Crisis


Letter from an editor

The Greek socio-economic crisis, now in its fifth year, has become more acute with the collapse of discussions between the troika (EU, ECB, IMF) and the Syriza government, and the calling of a referendum. In concluding my keynote lecture "Life Writing 'from Below' in Europe", at the 4th IABA Europe conference in Madeira in May, I noted that one constant theme of such writing had been the demand that hitherto unvoiced experiences be heard by society, in defiance of discourses which belittled and denigrated those on the margins. By telling truths about a way of life unknown to a wider world, these authors hoped to receive a sympathetic understanding, and perhaps achieve social justice. That need continues today. I cited the ATD-4th World project "The Roles We Play", which explores the roles played by those living in poverty within their families, communities and society at large, so as to highlight their efforts, validate their achievements and challenge the negative attitudes often held towards vulnerable and excluded families (see

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Vol 4 (2015)

Table of Contents


Writing European Lives. Stefan Zweig as a Biographer of Verhaeren, Rolland and Erasmus PDF HTML
Marleen Rensen 1-29
How Do Diaries Begin? The Narrative Rites of Adolescent Diaries in Hungary PDF HTML
Gergely Kunt 30-55
“I did not mean to make away with the child, I did not know what I was about”: Autobiographical Traces of Infanticide in Eighteenth-Century Trial Records PDF HTML
Sonja Boon 56-76

Beyond the Subject. Vienna Conference Papers

Beyond the Subject. New Developments in Life Writing PDF HTML
Tobias Heinrich, Monica Soeting VCi-VCiii
From Diaries to Blogs: Cultural and Political Networking in Russian Autobiographical Practice. PDF HTML
Tatiana Saburova, Natalia Rodigina VC1-VC16
I Problems; Blindness and Autobiography PDF HTML
Dennis Schep VC17-VC35
Eschewing the First Person: Post-Subjective Autobiography in Hubert Fichte and his Geschichte der Empfindlichkeit / History of Sensitivity PDF HTML
Robert Gillett VC37-VC55
Beyond the Subject: Anglo-American Slave Narratives in the Netherlands, 1789-2013 PDF HTML
Marijke Huisman VC56-VC84
Celebrity, Scriptedness and Alleged Sexual Violence in Ghost-Written Autobiographies by Julian Assange and Samantha Geimer PDF HTML
Edward Saunders VC85-VC107
Re-imagining a Nation: The Australian Dictionary of Biography Online PDF HTML
Paul Longley Arthur VC108-VC124

Teaching Life Writing Texts in Europe

Teaching Life Writing Texts in Europe PDF HTML
Dennis Kersten, Anne-Marie Mreijen TLi-TLiii
Memory to Ink: Autobiography Project in Portugal PDF HTML
Marilyn S Zucker TL1-TL12

Creative Matters

‘Dozens who thought they knew her’: Finding Vivian Maier? PDF HTML
Clare Brant C1-C6
Waving at Soldiers PDF HTML
Heather Richardson C7-C18

Reviews and Reports

‘Inaccurate but Truthful’: Q&A with Screenwriter Peter Morgan PDF HTML
Julia Lajta-Novak, Werner Huber R1-R15